Open Your Mouth

The link above is of Andrea Bocelli singing as only he can.

There are some, like this wonderful man, who simply open their mouths and beauty slips out.
They cannot help it.
It is part of their physical make-up.
Of course, what they do with the gift is another matter – some people hide their gifts.
And some of us covet their gifts.
Well I have something to tell you…
You don’t have to sing to bestow beauty upon those within hearing distance.
Your words…
Your words, whether spoken or sung, can bless those around you.
All you have to do…
is choose them wisely.

And say them on purpose.

You can whisper encouragement to someone that will enable them to live a better day in a dreary week.
You can change someone’s life!
If you see something amazing in a person, tell them what you saw.
Do not swallow your inclination.
Too many of us do that thinking, “Oh, they have heard that before…” but that is not necessarily the case.

I do not mean flatter a person.
Flattery is empty and shallow.
What you want to bestow on those who will listen to you, is the truth.

Say it clearly.
Say it often.
And say it with intent to nourish them.
Give their soul what it needs to exist in a state of bliss that it may never have known before you crossed each other’s paths.


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