Midnight Kisses

As I walked down the sidewalk toward my home this evening,
just a little bit ago…
The faintest breeze, a whisper really, was cool on my cheeks.
The fragrance of blooming things seemed suspended in the air, hovering…
not allowed to float away towards the moon, prevented from leaving the earth, its purpose – to bless her inhabitants.

I looked up to the sky and there was not a cloud present to hide the starry heavens from my view.

Breeze whispering against my cheeks,
Sweet air intoxicating me,
Starry sky winking at me,
Blinking at me…

All I could think …
The only thing I could think was…

I hope there are lovers out for a stroll tonight,
and talking,
And pausing to exchange kisses in the shadows…

For if there aren’t,
Your creation is surely being put to waste.


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