A prisoner.
Told to obey.
One’s thoughts,
One’s heart’s desires – yearnings…

Logical conclusions, Decisions…
Placed on a scale of judgment, and when weighed in the balance, found wanting…
Only …
The standard of judgment was one of man’s creation,
Not a pure one.

Who can argue with,
“God told me…”?

One just wonders why he never speaks to their heart, the same thing…

Held hostage by love for children…
Until they realize the children are watching them die a little bit more each day…
Withering away like a tree that is ill inside, but looks whole to passersby
until a storm breaks it in half, and

Termites reduced it to a hollow shell …

Some prisoners escape.
But the price they pay to do so cuts at their flesh and they bleed…

In front of everyone.

They are free.

They look forward.
To recovery.
And they wait.

They wait while they grieve at the fallout.

They wait…
And they trust…

In their God.


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