To Those Who Have Eyes To See Him

Earlier this evening…
I walked out of the mall into a parking lot turned fairy land.
It was…
Magical and mystical.

Actually, I didn’t even make it to the parking lot.
I exited the building, took maybe three steps, and stopped cold.

Snowflakes were filling the air.
It was dark out.
The lights from the parking lot were ehancing their appearance against the backdrop of night sky.

They didn’t flutter softly like downy feathers.
The snowflakes…
They didn’t fall heavily and quickly like sleet.
They danced.

I hadn’t seen that yet this year.
Maybe I have never seen it at all…but tonight I saw it,
And it stopped me in my tracks.

If ever a person existed who might believe in faeries…
If ever a person lived and breathed that could be persuaded that they do exist…
It was a person that had seen snowflakes as fat and fluffy as I did tonight;
Bits of cotton dancing on invisible whirlwinds in the sky.

They looked like fireflies which lend a magical appearance of their own to balmy summer evenings;
Every where.
Filling the air – illuminating the darkness with their

They made the atmosphere Soft.

The visual effect was stunning to one’s senses.
The effect on my heart – equally so.

In this unhappy season of life, when things are happening that are out of my control – It seems God Himself sends me love notes in the form of His creation.

I am unable to control the behavior of others, just as I am unable to control the elements of nature.
God does not control the behavior of others either, for he has given us all a free will.
He DOES; however, control the weather and He has been giving me little presents from time to time through it, as if to say,
“I cannot control what others do, but what I can control, I will use to bless you.”

I didn’t write about it the other day, but the weather turned unseasonably warm, raining for two days straight.
I had just come home, and was walking toward my front door, when I looked up to see the tree branches extending their reach out over the sidewalk.
Onto the tip of each branch, droplets of water tenaciously clung.
In the light of day they sparkled like gemstones.

Branches – soaking wet – blackened and weighted down by moisture – offered me diamonds that stood out against the gray sky behind them.

“Thank you, Father.”, I whispered.
And again, tonight, “Thank you, Father…”
As I stood on the concrete just outside the doors of the French town mall with watery eyes that took in the snow faeries that danced on the wind – not just for me – but for anyone who took time to notice.

When you see diamonds on the fingertips of rain-soaked branches…
When you drive near a river and it is as still as glass, reflecting the sunlight…
When you walk out of an edifice to see faeries dressed in white waltzing on the cobalt blue of a wintery sky…

Know that your Heavenly Father is sending you his warm embrace,
His thoughts for your welfare,
An affectionate kiss from the purest heart of any Father you have ever known;
But more than that,
He is sending you His Presence.
For regardless the nature of the path you traverse,
You do not do it alone.

He is there, and will make himself known.
To those who have eyes to see Him.

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