Sometimes, when you are little, no one fills your cup, leaving you thirsty.
Very thirsty.
And hungry.
Your soul aches with hunger.
because of that hunger,
or thirst,
you find yourself grasping at whatever is offered to you.
Even if it is vinegar.

You drink it, ignoring its rank flavor,
because it wets your tongue.

It wets your tongue and it fills your belly, which hurts so much anyway, that it doesn’t matter if it burns a little.

You grow up, having adjusted to this diet, not only accepting it with a grimace, but having adjusted to its flavor, you now expect it; you seek it out.

Your children are now hungry, because you are so busy attempting to fill your own needs, that you don’t pay attention to theirs. And you aren’t even consuming what you really need.
Cheap counterfeits are consumed greedily, voraciously, because they  fill.
For a little while…

The cycle continues in your children who are growing up hungrily before your very eyes which are blinded by your own need.

This does not have to be.
You can be the last link in that chain of bondage.

But it will hurt to break off of the chain of connectivity.

You will dwell alone for a season, and you will be broken.

But it is a good broken.
It is the kind of broken that provides a tomorrow for your children that insures they never hunger or thirst as you did.

It is worth every moment,
every tearful moment of transition.

They WILL have a better tomorrow.

If you allow yourself a temporary pain, today.

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