You ARE Fallible.


…Because they are full of pride.
Pride that prevents them from believing what they have consciously or subconsciously tucked deep into their hearts.
The knowledge that they are fallible.

There is also fear.
Fear, because being fooled, and facing that flaw within, causes uncertainty – insecurity.
If we cannot rely on our own antennae, what, then, can we depend on to guide us through life and the decisions it presents to us?

Man is uncomfortable with the concept that he could be fooled.

But we must check our radar from time to time for accuracy.

Men who do not see their own weaknesses with a clear eye will never look beyond themselves for guidance.

Men who never look beyond themselves for guidance will never find truth.

Our own hearts, intellects, and emotions are fickle.
They waver in strong winds.
There must be a constant –
A fixed point!

Without the truth to guide him, man sits in a boat with no rudder on a cloudy night; no stars, no light, and no reliable method with which to navigate his way.

Do not hide your self, from yourself.

Seek wisdom, seek truth, and accept what you find.


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