Many people experience it, at least once in their lives.
Some – from birth.

I have a friend whose mother threw her away as a newborn infant.
She was found in a garbage can.
Her aunt took her out, fought for custody, and raised her.

Her story is no secret, but a testimony of a life redeemed;
First by a woman, then by God, Himself.

Married now, with children, this young woman focuses on building a healthy life for herself and for them, but I remember the day – the moment – when she shared her story with me.

I remember her eyes and the expression in them as they revealed the emotion behind her words while describing the details – the circumstances of her birth.

There was a depth of sadness in those eyes that few can claim to have almost drowned in.
So sad.
They were so sad;
Asking me, silently, while she spoke, to confirm to her just once more that she was not worthless.

I recognized and immediately quenched that thirst and fed that hunger.
That thirst that does, unfortunately, recur when your foundation stones are cracked, chipped, or missing.

Some things cannot be heard too many times.

You are treasure.
You are valuable.
You are loved.

Treasure is treasure, whether sunken on ocean floor, hidden in attic loft, protected by laser beam technology in a shatterproof glass case of a museum, or living in the fragile shell of man.

The ignorant person who throws away solid gold coins reveals their state of mind as unable to recognize value.

The treasure does not change.

For some who experience repeated rejection, there is often – deep deep down – an emotion that fertilizes a sinister notion that begins to develop;
A false reality.

This subtle suspicion, this sneaky little fear, lurks in the back of one’s mind,
whispering almost imperceptibly that there IS something wrong with you; there must be.

There must be some mysterious thing that exists, that everyone sees but you. They see this thing that is wrong with you and resist friendship, and you’re rejected again.

You don’t know what the element is, but people seem to discover it eventually.

So, you spend your life being much too introspective and altering yourself to fit everyone’s expectations of what you should be so that it never happens again.

But those actions are disguises – so who really knows you? And if no one really knows you, then does anyone really accept the real you?

The only one who sees you as you are, completely naked, down to the depths of your soul, is Jesus, and you know it.
So to avoid being rejected in this final crucial relationship, you kneel before him and ask him to forgive you for the wretched thing you are, just desperate to be accepted – by God, your Creator, at least – while being terrified of screwing up the most important relationship in the world.

Beloved, there is no need for concern.

Jesus created you to be what you are. The sin is washed away when you repent, but the soul that is YOU is what it should be…what he planned for you to be…a work in progress, but lovely to him just the same.
He loves YOU.”

And that, my friends, is the beginning of the reparation process to the crumbling and faulty foundation that your life may have been built upon.

Maybe you are rejected by those who do not recognize the treasure that lies within you, but the one who knows value when he sees it will never reject you.
He, himself, fashioned you with his hands.

If you can grasp that truth, you will understand that you do not walk alone.

You are accepted.
You are valued.
You are Loved.

But you are not rejected.
And you are not alone.


6 Replies to “Rejected.”

  1. Leah, you have a clear, distinctive style. I hope you save your posts for book publication later. This is way more meaningful than that 50 shades of grey crap that I hear is so popular nowadays. Keep it up.

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