~ The Value Of Friendship ~

As I contemplated friendships in my life, I began to look back over the years.

Some were over, gone forever.

Some were on hold; they existed, but were in stasis. I knew that if that person and I saw one another in the store it would seem like no time had passed and the rapport would immediately be re-established as we caught up on each other’s lives.

Then I thought of those individuals that I valued very highly; held close to my heart – allowed to see my soul in its nakedness.

These are friendships that mean so much to me that I think a part of me would die if they ended.

“Really, There are millions of people in the world.  Do you really think its okay to value a relationship with one particular person as much as you do? Surely there is another – in fact, others – who could be a better friend, albeit a different type…”

No one has asked me that particular question.  I just analyze my heart a lot.

I can’t put my finger on the specific things that are special about some people in my life, and I am almost sure that you are thinking of people in your life right now – trying to pinpoint that special feature that they have that draws you to their side. 

What makes us kindred spirits with certain individuals?

They are special.
Each one unique.
Each and every soul containing an element…

A mysterious element that makes them… uniquely them.

There is an essence that we cannot touch but it radiates from them, and whenever we are near, we are encompassed in it – like standing in a garden, inhaling deeply – and it draws us back to them over and over.  We want to revisit that experience, that feeling, that pleasure.
Their unique loveliness.

I think that is why death devastates.

Death removes that loveliness from us.
It is just taken away.
Like Eden.
Lost forever to Adam and to Eve.
To us.

I am sure they wept many a tear at the devastation of that particular loss.
A loss that could not be regained despite their much weeping, like Esau and his birthright;
Despite the bitter tears that cried out for redemption of that thing which was lost, it was nonetheless gone forever.

We miss our loved ones.

We search in vain for the particular essence that that person alone could give us, and we are left with ethereal memories of that paradise we were able to live in when with them.  We used to stand in their presence, perhaps feeling immensely privileged –  like Adam and Eve did as they turned ’round slowly, staring incredulously at the garden that surrounded them.  Perhaps we too were struck with awe that such beauty existed and that we were the ones, We Were The Ones who had the privilege of being in it. 

If we were wise, we allowed time to stand still and savored them, inhaling deeply of their beauty while we enjoyed their nearness. Their voice.

Perhaps we inhale deeply even now as we remember them; searching in vain – hoping to recapture just a hint of the fragrance that their lovely soul emanated – that now elusive fragrance that seems eternally just out of reach. Like that mist that hovers above the ground in the morning light, but has now lifted and is lost to us forever.

We had it when we were with them.
When they were here.
We were surrounded by that cloud when they were here.

Are you like me?

Do you then lift up your eyes to search for those who are still here, and do you experience the urge to redeem your time with them, almost reaching out physically to grasp them and pull them to you tightly?
Do you feel that intense and almost frantic desire to savor each moment with them?
It grows inside of me, and I let it because I know that something crucial is at stake. 
It will impact lives.

And the question again echoes in my mind…

There a millions of people in the world.  Do you really think its okay to value a relationship with one particular person as much as you do?

And the answer is Yes.
A thousand times Yes.

You know,  just as your friend’s soul is unique, so is your own. The lovely thing that you are will merge with theirs when the two of you are together.  Like the blending of two fragrances, you will create a combination that no others can create.  Your personalities will converge and there will be a brilliant spark, or a heady fragrance that belong to the two of you, and the two of you alone.  

You are the only two on the planet who will be able to experience and relish its beauty.

It is a sacred thing.

It will belong exclusively to the both of you and no others will enter in as they are destined to be outsiders looking in, just as we are outsiders observing them as they enter into a dance of their own with their beloved friends.

Why would anyone want to abandon such a creation?

There a millions of people in the world. 
Do you really think its okay to value a relationship with one particular person as much as you do?

The answer is Yes.
A thousand times, Yes.

Fields of Gold ~ Eva Cassidy

2 Replies to “~ The Value Of Friendship ~”

  1. One of the most beautiful gifts God gave are friendships that continue despite the forced separations of life. The effort required to sustain such relationships is priceless, and should be highly treasured…

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