Salt Water

When it seems no help is in sight...

I read this story a few years ago.

It is a true story, and it is a tragic story.

It never left me, and I want to share it with you today.♥

There was a group of men out fishing and their boat sank. They had a life boat, but were lost at sea.

There were approximately four of them.  One died from an injury to his leg. They buried him at sea.

They were lost for days and days with no water.

All men knew not to drink the salt water. It drives you insane.

Many people don’t know that.

One man woke up one morning to find the other two drinking it voraciously.

He cried out, “NO! Stop drinking it, you know what will happen!”

But they didn’t listen; their thirst was so great and they were suffering to the point of desperation.

Well, the next day one man was gone – just gone – he had disappeared in the middle of the night.

The day after that, the second man who drank the salt water told the one who would not drink, that he was going to the store.  Of course the sane man tried to stop him from getting out of the boat, to the point of physical struggle, but his friend got out and swam away anyway insisting that he would be right back.

He swam away and drowned while the other man sobbed and sobbed at his powerlessness to stop him.

I remember his words vividly. He said he watched him swim until he sank, and he never came back up.

The man who never drank the salt water was saved, and lived to tell the story.

It was a horrible story and I never forgot it. 


But here is the lesson for all of us.

Sometimes we are so thirsty – so thirsty for something we need that we are tempted beyond our own strength to reach out and fill that need with a counterfeit substance. A substance that may very well be a healthy thing for someone else, something else. Many forms of life need salt water to live, it isn’t an evil substance – it is necessary for countless aquatic creatures to survive.

It just isn’t good for human consumption.

Sometimes we aren’t thinking clearly, or are hurting so much that we justify our behavior as we seek out the thing that we are convinced will meet our needs.

We long for it, we ache for it, but it isn’t for us, it won’t preserve our life, it will take it.

I have been there.

I have hurt so much that I allowed my thought processes to make what I was doing perfectly acceptable.

These men in the boat were driven to the point of great desperation because thirst is something that must be quenched in order to live. 

It is not a frivolous desire. Not a whim. Not a fleeting passion.

It is a very. basic. need.


Maybe you are in a place where your legitimate needs are being deprived.

The need for friendship, love, or affection.

The need may be physical. 


Maybe you want a spouse, a boyfriend, or a girlfriend.

Maybe you want a Mom or a Dad who cares about you – who SEES you.

Maybe your are in a situation where your spouse is ill, or out of the state or country and you think you cannot take the lonliness anymore.

There are seasons of sorrow for everyone in this world. 


You can be dying of thirst in an area of your life.


These men were.

Even still, to reach out and draw something into yourself that you were never meant to have will insure your destruction.

 Not only that, those who have to watch you do it, will suffer too.


You know what that counterfeit is. 

No one needs to tell you.

It will satisfy, in a way, for a brief moment, but at whose expense?

Your destruction and the heartbreak of others will be the end result.


God Sees You.

“And when the Lord saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb.”

And Leah concieved and bare a son, and she called his name Reuben: for she said, Surely the Lord has looked upon my affliction; “


Leah wanted her husband to love her, but he didn’t. He loved someone else. Her sister, in fact. She was forced into marriage with him. She never posessed his heart, he did not find her attractive. There are few situations as dismal as hers was.

While God would not manipulate the man, He was able to do something, and poured out a blessing onto Leah.  He nourished her soul with many children.


God is able to quench your thirst.

Seek His face and be patient.

He Sees You.

 And please, for your own good, stay away from the salt water.♥



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      1. I’m a 68 yo non-partisan political consultant and smalltime online educator who might be able to help you in some non-monetary way in your education mission. Feel free to contact me at or FB friend me. You write well. – Tom

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