“That’s Why I Call America a Sharia Compliant State.”

Imam Rauf during a speech where he says he sees America as a Sharia compliant state.


Listen to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s words on the link below.

They are also written out directly beneath the link.


“Now how similar is this to the American Declaration of Independence which declares that all men, meaning men and women, were created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among which – among which, not all, but among which, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which was originally property”, (Rauf’s words – not at all what the writer’s of the Constitution meant. They, of all people, knew what it meant to be unhappy under a tyrant’s rule. The “clarification” is very telling, though.).  “Now when you unpack the ideas and the concepts this way you will see this is why I call America a Sharia Compliant State”

Dear Mr. Rauf,

You can call America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. You can call America the greatest and one of the most successful experiments in Democracy that quite possibly has ever existed. You can even call America the Land of Opportunity….But you had better Never call her a Sharia Compliant State.

America is made up of many states; Fifty – not fifty-seven – as once remarked by our current President.


Actually, fifty-seven without Alaska and Hawaii….Yikes!

America is not one state and she is certainly not a Sharia Compliant one.

•Americans don’t advocate depriving their women of marital favors to coerce their obedience.

• Americans don’t advocate beating (however lightly) their women to “encourage” them to submit to their husbands.

 •Americans allow people to change religion. Under Sharia law, to leave the faith is to accept death.

•Americans don’t stone people who commit adultery, etc…

America is NOT a “Sharia compliant state” and you have no right to call her one, except in some fantastic imagination or dream.

You have your right to your opinion, but it pretty much ends there.

I am completely bewildered.

Did you come here to assimilate to our laws?

Or to survey our land and see if we qualified to submit to yours?


One Reply to ““That’s Why I Call America a Sharia Compliant State.””

  1. Just like those who pushed lies (a.k.a. unConstitutional Amendments) through, or rule the people by judicial legislation, it depends on the definition of the words they use… Create/use a different glossary and you can lie with a straight face.

    Under sharia, people are free to comply… or die… that’s freedom isn’t it? [sarcasm!]

    BTW: the writers of the Declaration of Independence DID want to write “Property”, but knew that would set a precedence for “right to own people” (slavery). Just read today, that the U.S. House is looking at changing Patent Law, regarding human DNA.

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