~The Illusion of Freedom in America~ Are we a “shining city on a hill”, or an aquarium?

Here is a beautiful quote from Ronald Reagan in regards to opportunity in America. Sadly, the vision – the dream, is becoming a thing of the past and I fear that it will become nothing more than a story we tell our grandchildren. The story of what America used to be.

“I, in my own mind, have always thought of America as a place in the divine scheme of things that was set aside as a promised land. It was set here and the price of admission was very simple: the means of selection was very simple as to how this land should be populated. Any place in the world and any person from those places; any person with the courage, with the desire to tear up their roots, to strive for freedom, to attempt and dare to live in a strange and foreign place, to travel halfway across the world was welcome here.” ~Ronald Reagan.

He is right. We are – quite possibly – the greatest civilization that has ever existed, even with our numerous tragic mistakes. We have been slave owners, we have abandoned countries in desperate need, and we have also erred in our dealings with other countries in the Middle East, yet even while taking these shameful smudges and smears on Lady Liberty’s clothing into account, it is apparent we have risen to greatness in the opportunities that we – as a nation – have afforded those who desire to come and make a serious attempt at living free.

Note, Reagan says that those who have the courage and are willing to tear up their roots to come. Unfortunately, many people have come here like plants in pottery, roots intact. Then they established teeny tiny countries here, tiny homes away from home, instead of assimilating.

It was never the intent of our fore-fathers that tiny sects of societies – replicas of the countries that people came from would be set up here like a Disneyland attraction.

Here in Detroit we have Mexican-town, Greek-town, and in Dearborn (in the news frequently of late) you now have a tiny Middle East in America. If ever a person wanted to complain about a billboard that is not in english…they would have a hay-day there. I doubt that Detroit is the only one.

In the name of political correctness we have looked the other way. Do you know what the results are? We live in a country divided. Voices cry out to unify while the government takes advantage of our distracted mindsets to pass ludicrous laws like SB 510, forbidding us to plant and grow vegetables on our own land without their regulation. Did you know that there was a rider on that bill that actually attempted to prevent the American people from owning seeds? If this alarms you, it should. For one thing, no one knew about it. Who wanted that tiny tidbit in there, I wonder, and why?

Ronald Reagan saw America as a place where men and women could raise their children in freedom, safety, and security. What has happened to our country? Why are funds cut from our national defense? Why are our borders not protected? America cries out for the southern border to be protected by our military, and our President in his Southwest Border Augmentation Plan is pulling troops away by the end of February 2011.


The troops from the National Guard only just arrived in September and October. They were supposed to remain until July. I’m confused…did things get better? I just saw a story on the news about a rancher trying to keep his property from being taken over by drug cartels. He is dead after a shoot out, killing four before his own life was taken. True, this took place on the other side of the border, but anyone who takes the time can locate many more stories of those being murdered on our side. My point is that there are fearless men who do not respect life taking over land – setting up domains. This is frightening when you consider the implications for the future.

If Reagan were here today, what would he would do about the madness? He knew what it took to make America that “shining city on a hill”. He knew that peace came through strength. He had a vision for this nation and warned us that it was only a generation away from being lost.

Well he isn’t here today. He did his best while he was on the planet but he is gone now.

We are here.

You and I and others who love their country. It is time for us to pick up the baton and run like this race matters. It will cost us. We will get tired, we will hurt, we will have moments where we stumble and moments where we fall, but if we get back up, no man can keep us from running.

If we don’t do something about preserving the things that make America great we will indeed sabotage the very happiness of our children. We will hand them a weakened country bound in handcuffs. If you think I am exaggerating think of the pat downs at the airport. The pat downs of our children.

Do we want them to live like this? In fear? Like animals in the zoo who must be kept because they can’t fend for themselves in the wild anymore?

If we don’t take a stand to preserve America now, our children will live in bondage under the illusion of freedom like fish in a large aquarium. Tragically, they will discover their captivity as they attempt to broaden their horizons, and there will be nothing we can do about it.

“”I, in my own mind, have always thought of America as a place in the divine scheme of things that was set aside as a promised land.” ~Ronald Reagan

Oh, sir, If you could just see where we are headed.


One Reply to “~The Illusion of Freedom in America~ Are we a “shining city on a hill”, or an aquarium?”

  1. We are more and more being pushed into the aquarium every month or so.

    They keep passing stupid laws and don’t listen to the people. What happened to “we the people” or “governments derive their just powers form the CONSENT of the governed”?

    The Declaration of Independence is a great document and it shines a light on the bill of rights for sure. However, Congress doesn’t really care. IT is like they have all gone mad!

    I support Jim Babkas “Read the bills” act! Maybe if congress actually read the laws they were passing, things would get better. If you didn’t know already, they DO NOT read the bills!

    Nancy Pelosi even said “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” http://bit.ly/dF6H1S

    Anyways, didn’t mean to rant! LOL I am very liberty oriented… Hope you don’t mind!

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