Should the American Military Protect the Border?

RE Mexico and the dangers of the drug cartels…I have been angry at the President of MX for coming here and berating AZ for her law. I was angry at our President for standing with him and ganging up our sister state alongside him. I have never seen that happen before, it still gets me riled. HOW DARE THE LEADER OF ANOTHER NATION SET HIS FOOT ON OUR SOIL, AND OPEN HIS MOUTH IN CRITICISM AGAINST US??? And President Obama SIDES with him??? Upside-down, Inside-out logic.

Now MX is in great need. They were at the time, but America wasn’t really informed unless they were citizens looking for facts on their own.

I have watched video footage and news reports from Virginia, that have discussed the dangers of terrorists flying from the M. East to S. America, mingling in with the people, and migrating up into America through the AZ border, the weakest along the entire strip. Why Virginia? They were finding cells there and tracking them back.

I could not conceive that our President could not address this danger. I could not understand that he would ignore this very real danger. Instead he would rise up against his own state – One of our United States, and rail against it, joining the voices of so many others. It was madness to me. Here, the leader of our nation, railing on one of the puzzle pieces that makes us one unit.

A puzzle piece that was TRYING TO PROTECT HERSELF because our federal leadership was ignoring her plight.

I said earlier, very cold-heartedly,  “Let Mexico’s military defend her, while our military defends us.”  It was done in a moment of anger and I regret it. A good neighbor puts the past behind them and works well to address and conquer a very real problem. A good neighbor does. Our behavior cannot be determined by the bad behavior of others. We must rise up and do what is right – regardless of what others do and say. We learn that in High School. Earlier if we are fortunate enough to have parents that teach well.

May Mexican and American Military work together to keep all citizens safe from blood-thirsty enemies.

I also say this, May the Presidents of BOTH nations APOLOGIZE FROM THE BOTTOM OF THEIR HEARTS TO ARIZONA.

A state that saw danger and attempted to prevent it from touching her citizens with it’s unforgiving hand. Not only that, Arizona was trying to protect the rest of the nation, knowing full well the dangers of the terrorists sneaking into this nation through her broken down walls.

God Bless Her.

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